Back in the days when I had a real job, I wrote a couple of poems for a friend and co-worker from Mexico City who loved the See’s Candy that our office received around Christmas each year. The first poem tells of the excitement when the candy arrived and the second poem describes the disappointment when the candy was all gone after Christmas.

Christmas she is coming,
And soon los dulces will appear,
Lots of candy in the coffee room,
But our waistlines grow, we fear.

We like los chocolates,
And our favorite she is See’s,
Milk chocolate filled with nuts or chews,
On that everyone agrees.

And after Christmas it’s all right,
Because the candy ya se fué,
We’ll lose the weight that we have gained,
For the candy’s gone away.


Caramba, this Christmas,
Where did she go?
It’s already next year,
And you know how I know?

You go in the break room,
And you look with your eye,
What you want is not there,
It is making you cry.

But just step on the scale,
And less weight will it show,
For los dulces se fueron,
The candy she go.

Bill Pitt
January, 1975