Many of us have received annual newsletters from friends and family members. I must admit that some of them make me a little jealous.

Yearly newsletters from family and friends
Always make me a wee bit jealous.
Do some families do all the wonderful things
About which those newsletters tell us?

“Next month little Monty is off to Beirut,
“He will soon set the hostages free;
“And our youngest, Mandy, who is only 15,
Last June earned her Ph.D.”

One of these years I would like them to tell
Of the people who try and fail:
“Aunt Maudie fell off the wagon,
“Uncle Seth was sent back to jail.”

And what of the true but embarrassing things
That happen to yours and mine?
“Junior was stopped for speeding,
“And we had to pay his fine.”

This year our family did nothing
That could be considered as great;
We made monthly payments on all of the bills,
And only a few were late.

Our youngest, Diane, is a senior,
Majoring in English at U.O.P.;
If she studies between all the parties,
Next May she will earn her degree.

Our oldest, Ann, was graduated last year,
She earned a business degree;
She’s on her own now, working for Xerox,
Making us proud, Mom and me.

At this holiday time we think of you all,
Our family and friends far and near;
Best wishes for health and everything good,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bill Pitt
December, 1988